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Judy Garland

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There's a boy down on our street
Plays the drums with such a beat
You cannot control your feet
When you hear the drummer boy!

In the morning when you wake
You can hear him take a break
Soon the whole street starts to shake
When you hear they hear the drummer boy!

Bing bang, ding dang
He's so nimble on the symbol
Bing bong, ding dong
When he plays 'em he just slays 'em!

All your troubles fly away
Every day's a happy day
Everything will be ok
When you hear the drummer boy play!

Gather round, all you chums
Watch this cat, spin those drums
Swing it brother, beat that hyde!
Take that song and jive it right!

This is what the doc perscribes,
For a case of jibs and jives
Drummer boy please give out on those vibes
Hear that, drummer boy play!

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