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Date de parution : 01/01/2006

Durée : 0:04:19

Style : Rock

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Drzava skrbi za fizicno vzgojo ljudstva,
Posebno mladine, v svrho dviganja narodnega zdravja,
Narodne, delovne in obrambne sposobnosti.

Ravna cedalje bolj popustljivo, dopusca se vsa svoboda.
Oblast je pri nas ljudska.

"mi smo more krvi prolili za bratstvo i jedinstvo nasih naroda:
E, necemo nikome dozvoliti da nam dira ili da nam ruje
Iznutra da se rusi to bratstvo i jedinstvo...."

Josip broz-tito

Oblast je pri nas ljudska!

English translate: the state

The state is taking care of the protection,
Cultivation and exploitation of the forests.

The state is taking care of the physical
Education of the nation, especially of the youth,
With the aim of improving the nation's health and national,
Working and defensive capability.

Its treatment is becoming more and more indulgent,
All freedom is tolerated. our authority is that of the people.

"we decant a sea of bloodshed for brotherhood
And the equality of our nation and we are not going to allow
Anyone to touch, to uproot from inside or to destroy
In any way this brotherhood and equality..."

Josip broz-tito

Our authority is that of the people!

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