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Urge Overkill

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Date de parution : 26/08/1989

Durée : 0:05:29

Style : Alternative

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Yes, on the inside
There is a man there
Trapped in a black chair
Ask him his name

And he'll say and he'll say
"i'm ollie alpha, of electric omega
Tried and fried down in georgia
Hit me again"

On the inside, fried on the inside
But alive on the outside
Too worn inside, too known there's no cure
He's dubbledead

"i'm walking down that coal
I'm gonna walk up on that road and turn to wit, ride"
How do you stand the dying? "i don't mind it at all"
Tell me why you're crying? "i don't know"

"hear me out now slaver
Wanna watch you try to cope, ah
Wanna watch you over wave it
Wanna watch you lose your control"

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