Paroles de Dublin creek

Marty Falle

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Date de parution : 13/11/2012

Durée : 0:04:07

Style : Country

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I wont tell you what im thinking
Youll just have to guess what i got on my mind
Might be four of a kind, keep u guessin.
Ive been waitin' to play you since i left deadwood, south dakota
And bet one more last hand at dublin creek

They tell me youre the master of the cheatin' game
They tell me youre the king of the sleight-of-hand
Palm cards, stack a deck, keep dealing those secondshey
I see you brought your cappers, lookin for soul to rob
Im glad we got to meet at dublin creek

I dont know what u got hidden
I know my aces have got you dead to rights

Yea, i come a long, long way
And i didnt come to play
Make ya famous here at dublin creek
Just in case you missed my name
They called me wild bill
Gonna make ya famous here dublin creek

I know what your thinkin im just another player
You got me pegged as a drifter fresh from out of town
Ready to take me down, take my money
But i got some news for you at the end of this losing streak
Gonna make ya famous here in dublin creek

I see jacks but i dont know what you got hidden
Ill just fold for now, and make you feel like youre winning
We got a long one here tonight at dublin creek

We got one last hand! no bottom dealing
Youve been a big stack bully, since the night began!
Nothing in my hand, one broken ace and a snowman.
Gonna make u famous here at dublin creek
But i went all in - old george must have thought i committed a cardinal sin,
Loved my strange technique
Stealin easy money from a sucker at dublin creek

George showed a full boat ;a couple j-birds with aces high
And he started laughin thinkin he got by
Until he saw my colt 45, start sweatin
I said george, on behalf of all the good honest people that you cheat
I wish you fond farewell from dublin creek
Rest in peace

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