Paroles de Duchess and the proverbial mind spread


pochette album Duchess and the proverbial mind spread
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Date de parution : 07/07/1997

Durée : 0:03:3

Style : Alternative

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Burnin', i feel a burnin' in my stomach,
I wanna know if i'm a gonna make it.
If i don't just spread my ashes,
If i do just spread your mind.

Swimmin', i see myself a treadin' water
I see no signs of any other people.
There's a heron up above me
I lay back and spread my mind.

Duchess, she used to be a movie maker.
She used to like to watch the boys watch her.
And she saved enough money
To go to cal and spread her mind.

Billy, used to follow the dead with arnie
And they made a hundred thousand dollars.
But ended up in federal prison
Twenty years for spreading minds.

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