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Everybody is leaving from this town and from me
They've got the burning flame, they sure achieve their aim
You know that's tough for me to see
Oh, how i wish i could do the same as them and go
Just pack my bags and goodbye
Get out fast or fade away real slow

What you see is what you get right here
Where a change is nowhere near
What you see is what you get from me
In this duckpond, leave me be

I pretend my life is perfect like the faces on tv
Yeah, that's the only way to face another day
Try to deny the misery
But those are the ways of lonely's and like a clown
Yeah, i do act
No matter where i could be or would like to go
I'm stuck here, that's a fact

I'm too weak, i'm down on my knees
Too feeble for something new
Feels like there's nothing i can do
Keep on laughing 'bout me
Keep on doing your own
But someday, i will be that one

Be that one
Yeah, someday i will be that one

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