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Elton John

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Loose lips keep him rolling on his whitewall tires
Burning out his diesel now, looking like a forest fire
Ducktail jiver, common pearl diver
Let you have a piece real cheap
Those sunday sermons, gotta start learning
How to look before the lion leaps

Oh i'd be santa clause in something more
Than a honeymoon in san moritz
Ducktail jiver, nine to fiver
I'd like to buy a ??? that fits

Overloaded, railroaded
On the border of a spanish town

Adios amigos, me got to go
Before they cut this poor boy down

So i'd like to buy a drink for someone
A pitcher and a glass
My circuit's run down, my fuse is blown
My childhood came at last

Sun-soaked, rain-choked
I need to get this battery charged
Miles behind my parents' time
Living in the world's back yard

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