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Wally Boy Wonder

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World is yours
World is mine
Go out on tours
Stay on the grind
Doors will open
In due time

Tears and sweat
Years of debt
Fear a threat
Ears get wet
Keep going don't quit
Keep flowing your shit
Keep growing with hits
Never stop go get
What you need
To succeed
You have mouths to feed


Still hungry for more
Prepare for war
Nobody wants their spot taken
Our shots taken
You're caught hating
Plot awakens
Invade the shore
Grenades and swords
Beat machines, mix boards
Try to evade the lords


Attack and compete
Don't hold back
You're elite
The weak retreat
On stage or streets
Engage your fleet
Street team
Put those flyers up
Eat those liars up
Press ten thou
Fill the suppliers up
Inspire us


They look up to you
You're an icon
Paparazzi spy on
Cameras catch drug use
And fights
Drunk thug loose
And nice
Smash guitars
Crash the cars
Flash bulbs
Catch splash bars
Lasting scars


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