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Date de parution : 10/10/2002

Durée : 0:03:18

Style : Pop

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Its been playin' on my mind
I don't want to waste your time
And the thought of you is tearing me apart

Had a name but now that's gone
I don't know where i went wrong
Now i'm all alone and driftin' in the dark

Take me back to what i know
'cause i don't know where to go
And i'm findin' it so hard to stay in tune

But it's hard to comprehend
Getting closer to the end
And i hope that i'll be feelin' better soon

Now i'm just a fadin' light
But i want to feel alright
And i hope that you can help me through the days

And i find it hard to sleep
'cause i sold myself so cheap
Do you think about me when i go away

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