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Andrew Garcia

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Have you ever had that girl that made your heart skip a beat?
Have you ever had that feeling where your words can not speak?
Well i felt like that before, and i feel like that right now

The way you walk you are
Getting in the way of my thoughts my thoughts
Trying to be cool but i'm not i'm not
And now i'm next to you and i feel so da da da

It ain't over, i'm gonna stay right by your side
Cuz it ain't over
I'm gonna show her that she's mine
Cuz the way you move and the things you do got me out of my mind
I wanna be with you
Do i need to prove, cuz i'm running out of time

I'm getting closer, you're getting further
You're making it so hard for me to see
I keep on trying, you keep on fighting
You're making it so hard for me to breathe

I feel so, i feel so dumb (x5)
I feel soo..da.da.da.