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Guided By Voices

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Just use a paper towel or something, i don't know
Anything will do
A rag...any kind of old rag

Strolling around
With ten people and
Did you catch that act?
Is in the firelight
Don't tempt me with that giraffe act

Spent my years in a dungeon of drunks
Dinin' and cheers - an occasion of lunks
Never to hold in another kind of world
Except in events in another different world

Hold on there, one time
Go now on your senses
Change it and know it's sense
Which words are wandering
All that two different ways and never

In a dungeon of drunks you can be real
In a dungeon of drunks you can steel all the food
In a dungeon of drunks you can talk to the rats
In a dungeon of drunks you can feel
You can feel like equate in a world
And you can gaze all your craze in a love
And i remember it well
I should have never have done that
In the first place without you...

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