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Irish Rovers

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Once upon a time in ireland stood a castle proud and free.
On the stormy coast of antrim high above the irish sea.
Lords and ladies gathered nightly in the great hall of the king.
Bread and meat and wine did flow, bards would play and poets sing.

Mcdonald was a chieftain bold who dwelled in dunluce with his clan.
Safe from ships upon the ocean and from raiders on the land.
There he ruled for many years, for ulster was his wide domain.
Many tried to conquer him, and many men have died in vain.

Dunluce castle fell to no man, sword, or pike, or cannon ball,
Roving clans or spanish foeman, dunluce stood against them all.

When a fleet of spanish raiders sailed across the raging main,
Sure that victory was at hand and glory for the king of spain.
Mcdonald met them with full storm, and loudly did the cannons roar,
The tide of spain was turned away and vanished from the irish shore.


Then one night a storm came in and loudly did the north wind blow,
Walls of stone came crumblin' down and fell into the sea below.
Fate was cruel as many souls were lost against the raging might,
Nature did what no man could on a dark and stormy night.


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