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Henry Rollins

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I try not to let it get above me
Don't make me
Don't hurt me
Don't push me
Don't confront me

I try to separate real from unreal
Don't make me have to open my eyes
Don't make me have to feel
Crime lights burning like a halo
Sidewalk under my feet
Passing trains below
I keep walking with nothing in my head
Where am i going?

Some nights i walk mile after mile after mile
I need you i need you i want to smile at your smile
Are you out there somewhere looking,
Waiting for me?
I'm falling fast falling, falling broken
Reach out and catch me

The city's in my blood like a curse
And the people and the noise make it worse
I can't tell you why there's no place i'd rather be
Where am i going?
Dirty grey city dropping rain down in my dreams
No one knows me
So when you see me
Just walk on by
I'm caving in and i don't know why
There's got to be more than this but i just can't find it

I'm wandering in a city
Unknown to myself
A stranger to everyone i meet
I'm wasted on insomnia
Paranoid to the hilt
Where am i going?

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