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The Graham Situation

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Well, you should save your sorrows for a rainy day
We should both go outside now, baby
Into the dusty dusk
Now we should save each other for some other day
When it's best not to mention what anyone said,
The air's getting colder, the hour is dead
The sickness she caught is beginning to spread
And we'll wait for a while till' we finally fall off this thread,
Into this dusty dusk
Dusty dusk

When we go outside through the needle's eye,
We'll break what we can't break

Well you you save yourself no matter what
You should know by now that it's a dirty old world,
But it feels strangely comforting
And you should save your breath before it's out
You know, i'm just like you but you are nothing like me
We could leave right now to end this misery
But the wind blows hard to cease all to be
But i've got dust in my eyes, darling, can't you see?

Into this dusty dusk,
Dusty dusk

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