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Sit back, stand down
Been a long time coming
Plastic now kids
We can love our money
Make no mistake
You will aid queen's council

Monotony living hell
Your thoughts are mine in which to sell
Monogamy padded cell
Deter my ears with wedding bells
This is how, no questions
Just let me touch your medicine

Hand it back
The murmur is growing
Back yard chemists
Prescriptions pumping
Your ears held
Firmly to the ground

Seeds and saws the devil's bell
The price of living in a well
You can keep your contrive hell
The shiny ball and chain you sell
It's yours now
Between friends they've tainted all the medicine

Monotonous thoughts you sell
Lost in lies then cast to hell
Anatomy a group of cells
Means more than science fares to tell
This is now, that was then
Don't let them touch your medicine

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