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The Twilight Singers

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Date de parution : 15/02/2011

Durée : 0:06:44

Style : Alternative

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Memories to crucify are sent below
I suppose, i suppose
To me a truer love was never told
Now you know, now you know

Some speak of a lie, control of the game
But i leave the past alone
Beckoning in the night and a wolf in the wings
And i was the last to know

'cause rain turns the fire to ember
There you were, there you were
And i feel that it's my turn to fall
Now you know, now you know

They'll scream and recite your words from their cage
As i leave the lamb below
Reckoning, do or die in control of the same
I'll see you at the door

One more time, dear
This i know
One more time, dear
This i know

In a black sky
Where your dreams collide
Push your faith aside
And you'll realize

That you can't lie
What you feel inside
Nowhere to hide
You're melting

Your medicine is faith
And your flesh, divine
Tethered to the flame
Of a dying light
Break you on the wheel
And your bones we'll grind

You're never going to feel
Like you felt last night
Ever wonder where went
Your guiding light?
Wake up in a field
With the second sight
You'll love me, you'll love me

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