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Creep through the valleys
I flow through the air
I pump through your veins
I'm the embodied despair
Your blood turns to shit
I burn in your gut
2000 school children
Their bodies will rot

I am e coli zero one five seven
A messenger from hell im sent from heaven
I am e coli zero one five seven
I burn in your entrails i'm not forgiving

Stop and behold this
I plough through the dead
Blood in their piss
Brain seeping from their heads
No medicine allowed
I want you to die
You all will rot away
I'm evil in disguise
(evil in disguise evil in disguise i'm ecoli 0157)

I am ecoli.....

Am i plague- am i god
I am incense of burning hate
Am i sickness - am i nihil
A nothingness the robberer of life
(the robberrer of life a nothingness)

A barbacue surprise
I take you from behind
A kinder egg from hell
I'm one of a kind (x2)

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