Paroles de E is for estranged

Owen Pallett

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Date de parution : 11/01/2010

Durée : 0:05:25

Style : Alternative

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Boys run like water from the barrow to the trough
They'll never stop their running
Gunning for their brothers
This house is a hostel
It is peaceful but it's always emptying
Boys all want to be someone

Haven't you heard?
I am a flightless bird
I am a liar, feeding the facts to false fires
Pathos is born, born out of bullshit
In formal attire
But i'll score your string ensemble

I saw my son at seventeen
The shutters made projections on his naked frame
But now at twenty-five, he simply cannot stay away
From the ketamine
With make-up on his sores
He spends an hour a day composing his own eulogy
Sometimes he sends me letters
But they're mostly garbled phrases and apologies

Haven't you heard? i am a flightless bird, i am a liar
Feeding the facts to false fires
Pathos is borne, borne out of bullshit in formal attire
Append a bulgarian children's choir

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