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Sometimes when you lose that girl that you never meant to hurt
But it happen anyway theres just something you cant erase

Eunice i cant say that dont miss you, lookin back how things couldve been done better
So i wrote a letter and 6 months later i wrote this song
Yeah i did you wrong but im a man that can admit and learn from his wrongs
Yeah i know i shouldve done better it sucks i didnt realize this when we were together
I still wish i had the dreams of us lasting forevver
Holding hands kissing,us making love do u remember
I sure do ,ill never forget you
It doesnt seem i can be happy without you
And to tell the truth your the best
So now i have to settle for least
I kills me i did want our kids , i did want your own place were wed live
But it crumbled down so i ask myself this question now
Why r we both not moving on if i could id give us another shot
Id prove everything u ever doubted in me and what not

So when you get that girl best treat them right
So when you get that girl appreciate the things that they do for you , but girls appreciate him
So when you actually find love , be like mr n misses smith
You two have loaded guns verus the world and your love will be never quit

These days it so much easyier to find sex then love
So when you find love you best keep it around

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