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Date de parution : 01/01/1995

Durée : 0:06:06

Style : Alternative

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I've got a million dollars worth
Of insurance
Yeah, a million dollars worth
If it all burns down
I can get it all back
All back
Plus a brand new cadillac
That's right
Roll it mama
I can live careless
I can live careless and reckless
Because i'm so well protected
Why, even the fuzz say
Capitalist pigs like myself
Are a pain
No more heads left to beat in
No one else left to blame
No one else
Left to blame
Fallen world
Fallen mind
Fallen teeth
Fallen blind
To a world just like ours
To a world not as small
As the one we devouredshowered with gifts
Covered by a million baby
Covered by a million
Covered by a million baby
Covered by a million
Covered by a million
So what was it worth?
Was i ready for this?
Did i think hell on earth
Earned eternal bliss
When every embrace
Was a judas kiss?
What does it mean?
If i lived dirty
Why would i want to die clean?
I'm insatiable
I can never be satisfied
Any pleasure that can be amplified
Will soon be nullified
I'm an animal
With a back-breaking tendency
To break my back
So that i don't have to break my back
Like an animal
I'm an angel with a large capacity for beer
(i think c.s. lewis said that)
Somebody call the theologians
Because i can't get enough
I can't get enough
Please give me more
So i can't get enough
(c) 1995 7 and 7 is music (ascap)

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