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Pure Prairie League

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Date de parution : 14/09/1999

Durée : 0:05:06

Style : Rock

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Early mornin' riser
I can still feel all your sunlight shine before the dawn
First light mornin' feelin's got me losin' so much sleep
I just cant say how much i miss you when youre gone

Cause i get a feelin' somethin' like a summer wind
When you love me like a sister then youre gone again
But theres so much light shinin' in your eyes
That you just cant help but keep a love alive

Now, i hear some other
Lovin' sunshine brothers left you cryin' and youre all alone
So cry your eyes and try to say your goodbye's
Cause youre old enough to get back on feet all on your own

Dont you kind of get a feelin' like a summer wind
Cause he loved you like a brother, now hes gone again
But theres still a lot of love light in your eyes
And you sure know how to keep a man alive

Well, you can stand right there and tell me somethins wrong
Its so hard to know your problems when youre gone

So, early mornin' riser
Theres not much more i can do to try and make things right
If you need another sunshine brother
I can be right there beside you by the early mornin' light

And ill forget that feelin' like a summer wind
And ill probably start to think about you now and then
But theres still a lot of light shinin' in your eyes
And you still know how to keep a love alive

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