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Marco Polo

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See, cute time is over
I'm about to roll up my sleeves on these bitches
I'm about to take my earrings off
Don't make me take my earrings off
Throw my hair back real quick
Throw my chucks on
Quit playing with these motherfuckers

I'm on some kung fu hustle shit
Scream lady with no muzzle shit
Y'all don't really wanna tussle with
Brick city, we be on that bumpy knuckles shit
Or had 'em boys turn into some real duffle shit

(verse 1)
Shanks and hammers, now wait for the cameras
Waste a lone gangsta, don't need no bandannas
Rhyme hard but those darts even harder
Y'all talking about murders, but all i see is martyrs
One, three, go-watch me blow
Right past these niggas and these knock-kneed hoes
I ain't really need for the small talk, y'all walk that a way
Baby don't cry, (?)
See i don't want to have to get indignant
Hollywood to miss urban in a minute, nicole kidman
No smidgen of upbringin', fuck swingin'
Guns by the waist, i'mma punch 'em in the face


(verse 2)
This vaseline-on-the-face type music
This badda-bing-in-your-face type music
Y'all don't want it with them born-again hooligans
Type of bitch that stab your ass with a (?) pen
No metaphysical, more like mega-physical
Too deep in this piece to let a typical
Bum trick try to score one, i implore one
A rain dance, but it won't be a george one
A rated-r, be a violence-and-gore one
A pharaohe-monch-now-we-callin'-it-war one
Get-trampled-before-they-get-out-the-door one
Then i'm goin' on a tour (one!)
January, february, march, april, dag
Some saying that i'm too hard, i think they just
(hey! not supposed to say that word!)
Too late-all these rappin'-ass faggots getting punched in the face


(verse 3)
I smell a rumble, welcome to the jungle
Don't be a smart-ass, cats be disgruntled
Won't be satisfied till one of us son you
Russian mafia-style punk, do svidan-you
Always been a little loud mouth foul mouth
Third round, they already got the towel out
I pow-wow with skateboarders and (?)
Shits and giggles, all y'all do is take orders
Huh! i play it under with abused bitches
You only here for my amuse, bitches
Give it your best shot, i take two of y'all
You probably have better luck with a voodoo doll
Look, not the hands, nope not the (?)
Never get beatdowns 'cept when i box with my mom
You're cool, i'm cool, hey chick, choose your fate
We can have play dates or get punched in the face


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