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(labrinth, come in
Ladies and gentlemen, gathered before you are five of the finest word-smiths known to mankind
What you are about to witness is no illusion
(tinie tempah), come in)
A hundred thousand people, everybody moshpittin'
I make the most of every minute that the clock give me
So come and rock with me, everybody rocking out
I make 'em jump till there's a hole in the f**king ground (hole in the f**king ground)
Pose for a picture, n*gga i am so off the richter
All i do is shots (shots shots), i don't use no cup or no mixer
I rock all my clothes like a hipster
And i rock them shades like a g
That girl be definitely coming, if she's coming with me
I'm like a hundred degrees, man i'm even hotter than august
See half them girls in your city, they probably got on my tour bus
I make em ugly (i make em ugly)
Where my paracetamol and anadin, and a crystal ball for my ni-ni-ni-nig (labrinth)
((kano), come in)
Said i been gone for a hot minute, who put my rolex on the radiator
Back like boomerang i'm dun'dingin' it, but you might see me later alligator
In some ballet lace ups, with some jacket tapered
So much stones you thought it was animation
Wilma on my case 'cos all these chicks adjacent
To my table try'na drink my vodka and champagne up,
I ain't no matt damon, but bourne with ultimatums
Get rich or die tryin' so we started cakin'
I'm doing kane but not the brother of undertaker
And i ain't muslim, i tell my brothers as-salamu alaykum
(finish him) kano my n*gga know raiden, f*ck with my dawg then my n*gga alsatian
Tell a man (woof), make a man blazin'. cover up, what? make a n*gga tuck chains in
Diamonds all in your face like shaving, and the gyal dem call me earthquake
Cos i make their p*ssy cave in, i'm a beast
((wretch 32), come in)
Got so much cuts i had to teach myself 1st aid
Hey, i'm try'na learn to play safe
I never get caught out before i get to third base
But still they see me c*mmin, i lash in your face
I guess i'm getting foul again, pure waste and the flows pants, i'ma trouser dem
Throw a little cheese at the rats, say we're labbin'em
Whoosie i'ma be a bigger cat, watch me scratch it in, scratch it in, scratch it in
I ain't here for no packaging, ain't the cutest brother brother, but shaped like a mannequin
Ladies throwing me their clothes, then using their apoca'lips
Brother you ain't got no inner soul, put a sock in it
They thought i disappeared, i just did a gap year, like a fresher came back like a graduate
Now everybody's scared, 'cause the damage that i done with two songs is probably more than their album did
Be afraid, be afraid, i'ma get'cha. little lab's making earthquakes in america
I ain't the messiah but they call me the creator, when i said let there be light how many stars did i make huh?
Yeah i got the midas touch, got the gold diggers looking at my fine wrist watch
Even got the restaurant to fine dine this fox, better call me by my name that's right it's boss now
Levels levels i take the levels up triples, just take those triples and triple it, i'm so far gone
I'm high, can't get me down like a h*rd'on, 'cause the morning says glory when a star is born, hello
Yeah (oh oh, oh oh, oh oh), i predict an earthquake up in here(quake up in here)
Say yeah (oh oh, oh oh, oh oh), i predict an earthquake up in here (predict an earthquake up in here)
'cause we throw bombs on it (cause we throw bombs on it), throw bombs on it
Just smash something, yes mosh for me(just smash something, yes mosh for me)
Hey yes (hey yes) (oh my god), we can (hmhmm) make an earthquake up in here (we can make an earthquake up in here)
((busta), come in)
(ey!)bust rhymes, labrinth (huhh), comin' to a hood near you (oh!)
Like you're 'bout to get your ass kicked, try to front little homie i dare you (come on)
When this type of banger is on in the club 'nobody wanna hear you'
Then a big foot step up in the place.
Like i'm comin' in to kill you (kill you )
Bang 'em earthquake, every time i walk on the mic and i won't stop (every time i walk on the mic and i won't stop)
Then i hit 'em and i get 'em all again, then i shut it down
Everybody knows that i close shop (everybody knows that i close shop)
Yes (yes yes), ok
Now i'm in the building, do what i say
Jump around, hands in the air, then you better get to it 'cos you know i don't play
And let's get it poppin' and then we turn it up a little bit, 'cos you know we gotta do it, then we doin it well
I'm about to explode, heat 'em up a little more, beat it up a little more, boy you can't tell (oohooh)
Trust me homie, do not walk up in my shadow
Just respect my hand, and while we bangin' make the earth rattle
I predict an earthquake up in here
Say yeah
I predict an earthquake up in here (da na na)
Cause we throw bombs on it, throw bombs on it
Just smash sumin', yeah mosh for me
Hey, yeah
We can make an earthquake up in here (so here we go, we go)
(labrinth, come in)

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