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Trae Tha Truth

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Im in this 2011 still screwed up
Trunk flexin like its bout to beat a dude up
Fu-k the world i swear they fu-kin my mood up
And the recession the people f-cking my food up
I hear bleed and tell him to put his dogs on it
Or hit j dog and tell him to put his hogs on it
No dreams of nba but i play the game
I play the d you mother fu-kers know the name
Im talking all night sittin on white bricks
I chipped a couple diamonds i need these lights fixed
Bitches trying to see i tell them to look harder
Either fu-k or leave you'll never be a starter
I only love money that's why the nigger hustle
Million dollar crib yeah bitch i really hustle
1000% real i don't know how to fake
F-ck with me and catch a earthquake

Im moving slow getting fast money
Move wrong and i'll put you on your ass dummy
Im a g if its drama ill take it wherever
Let the 90 hit the block and heat up the weather
Have these haters tripping like they lost balance
Money machine broke i done lost balance
F-ck it all i know is that i am getting doe
I am blowing slow back door and go hunting for more
You can find me in the h riding paper plates
Blow underneath tryin to move it thru a couple states
At benihana trying to eat a couple steaks
At the rate i'm going ima need a couple breaks
Then again f-ck it i don't plan to stop
Till the end till i end up in the sand or drop
Tell em recognize i'm the realest living
And this pain is what i'm given

Earthquake breaking here i come to save ya
Life still a bitch find me headed to jamaica
Might not make it back but i'm trying to get this paper
100 miles per hour like a nascar racer, chaser
Get in the way an ill erase ya
Unload the clip and guarantee the bullets face ya, dig that
I'm feeling like they wanna see me fallin off
They better chill fore i get lil bam to haul em off
Have them 2s working like they fresh out of a gym
Throw em in the lake body and label a swim
Gorilla sh-t what you niggas know about it
Kill em in silence only way to go bout it
The perfect definition of g sh-t
Ya talk beef but i bet it wont be sh-t
And if it was ill show ya what it is
Have ya missing from ya wife and ya kids

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