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Kevin Paris

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Date de parution : 05/05/2010

Durée : 0:05:37

Style : Singer/Songwriter

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Its all in the way you rise in the morning time rested and feeling fine
Carry on through to the living room, we all got living to do
Do do, do do do do do do do, we all got living to do

And now his honey babes awake, carries over to her a strawberry-mango shake
Sweet smile, soft eyes and his hand, she takes
Got a little bit of loving in the morning to make say,
Love in the morning to make x2

Across the street, got four small feet of two children playing in the sand
Shes got flowers on her dress, he builds a castle to impress
And they run off holding hands, they run off holding hands, they run off holding hands

Just down the road, see the mans quite old face defined by smile lines
Tips his hat for his lady, gives a flower to his lady and they walk on feeling fine
Yea they walk on feeling fine, they walk on feeling fine

See one day when morning comes grab your old shoes and run
Glancing back at the morning sun the morning sun, the morning sun
Reflection is in your eyes, painted by the morning skies, your delicately dealt disguise, rise

Well looking around we're grasping the all the little significant found things
We see that inevitably, theyll carry us away and then set us free
So, we find that this and that moment are one of a kind
Now swept, away by the words on the wall of that old cafe

Walking right along we hear the good old song of birds singing up in the trees
Got songs of these and those memories just indulge in the melodies (x3)

Since our birth weve been walking this earth and driving down different avenues
Got songs to choose, how about you play us some blues?
Got a little bit of healing our souls can use, yea healing our souls can use x2

In the steps we take, in the mornings we wake, in the sounds, in the sights and breeze
In the simple things, in this life and these dreams i feel home by the sands and seas (x3)

In the tears we cry, in the smiles replied in the sounds of the songs we play
In the looks of day, in the places we lay
I got a spot by the sea, why dont we head that way? why dont we head that way? x2

Pre-chorus & chorus

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