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Bleeker Ridge

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Date de parution : 21/09/2010

Durée : 0:02:59

Style : Rock

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I said just take it easy on me!

Into the fire, i throw a life
A life that you made up, i'm starting to wake up
I know who you are, it's not who i am
I'm turning into you, i don't want to be you
I'm not you

A face like me, a voice like mine
But that's where it ends, there's nothing else

I said just take it easy on me!
It doesn't help when you're screaming at me (screaming at me)
Why would i ever stay?
It wouldn't be hard to leave, you made it easier today

You'll get a job, yeah you'll go to school
You'll be like your old man, yeah you'll do what i do
No i have a choice, yeah i know i do
And it's time to stand up, or stand up to you
I'm not you.

You made it easier today.
It's easier today.

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