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Fred Hammond

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Date de parution : 27/01/2012

Durée : 0:04:23

Style : Christian & Gospel

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I don't wanna move too fast, is it alright to hold her hand?
Is it much too soon to love again? cause it's easier than being alone
Easier than crying, crying alone.
I don't wanna move too fast but it's easier to say than do.
A lonely heart gets cold too soon and one will be much colder than two.
Colder than a winter night in june.
So i'll keep on praying, keep on holding on
Cause i hear you saying i love you till forever is gone
I don't wanna hurt again, but it's too much to hope for that.
Maybe, we'll just be friends but it's easier than being alone, easier than dying, dying alone.
So i'll keep on praying, i'll keep on holding on, yes, i will
Oh yes, i will. cause i hear you saying i'll love you till my life is gone

I don't want to hurt again but it's too much to ask for that.
Maybe we'll just be friends.
But it's easier than being alone. easier than dying. easier than crying, easier than living without you.
Ooohhhhhh ooohhhhhhh

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