Paroles de Easier

P.j. Pacifico

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Date de parution : 14/07/2009

Durée : 0:04:28

Style : Singer/Songwriter

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I could write about my feelings and i could write about my state
I could let the whole damn world know how much easier it is to wait
I could start from the beginning and i could find the words to say
What it is exactly about you and how it grows different everyday

But it's so much easier, just to let me be

Once there was a meeting, and three times there were "hellos"
But nothing grows as easy as this story goes
I could tell myself that i'm not asleep
I could remind myself to dream
I could tell myself that i'm not dreaming and i know that i'll never leave


If i didn't have this time, i wouldn't fool
If i didn't have this time i wouldn't be fortune's fool


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