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Jerry Leger

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Date de parution : 14/12/2010

Durée : 0:03:28

Style : Rock

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On the east coast she's living
Like a queen by a throne
And when i drive there
I drive to all the places she goes
The boys on the island
The men at the docks
Say, "give her my pleas
If she comes back to me
She'll get whatever she wants"

She was my dear mary
But i lost her in may
She told me it hurt her
To know the words she'd have to say
Like the world is so funny
And our love, it ain't real
You have the passion in your head
But it's not in this bed
It's just a way we can't feel

Oh, but i can't stop thinking
No nothing ever slows down
If i didn't love her
Then why is she always around?
When i get up in the morning
To when the lights go out
She's there in my head
I'm alone in my bed
She's off on the town

When i got home this evening
There was a note on my door
It read "you poor soul
You better not think of me anymore
I know you've been tracking
My each and every move
But baby, we're done
There's no dance, no song
I'm just someone you knew"

Oh, please help me dear doctor
Tell me what it is i can do
I want to live healthy
Is there something that i can use?
This happened before
And she was my nurse
She asked me my name
She helped with my pain
But now it is worse

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