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Bryan Adams

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Date de parution : 09/09/2004

Durée : 0:03:22

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There was this girl i used to see down on 42nd street
She'd walk by on her way to work and make the air smell so sweet
I used to sit in the coffeshop - sometimes i'd have a cup
And when she'd go by she'd light up the sky
Like the sun comin' up
She was standin' by the bustop - driver opened up the door
I watched my cinderella gettin' on the 104
I wanna give her my number - i wanna tell her my name
I wanna climb on board that crosstown bus
Ake a chance she feels the same
It's just another east side story
Everybody's got a tale to tell

And like a hundred guys before me
I fell under her spell
Now some things you hold onto and some you just let go
Seems like the ones that you can't have
Are the ones you want the most
Dreamed about her nearly every night
Thought there was a chance for us
Thought i'd found my east side angel waiting for a crosstown bus
It's still the same old story - it's till the same old game
Up there on the east side life goes on the same
She never knew my number - never enen knew my name
She climbed on board that crosstown bus and i nev

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