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Date de parution : 08/04/2008

Durée : 0:03:23

Style : Rock

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Guess i'm filled with the christmas spirit
Celebrate a jolly man in red
Hope my kids don't find out santa clause isn't real
Maybe i should have told them about jesus instead

Last time i heard about it.
He didn't come in a santa outfit (two times)
Santa clause is dead! (two times

Guess it's time to thank the easter bunny again
For doing absolutely nothing in my life
What the heck do a bunch of colored eggs
Have to do with the son of god being raised back to life

Last time i heard about it,
He didn't rise in an easter outfit (twice)
The easter bunny is dead! (twice)

Christmas is when i celebrate jesus' birth
Easter's when i celebrate jesus' resurrection
Jesus is alive! (twice)

If we are so worried about what our kids are going to grow up doing, if we are so worried about our kids growing up and getting on drugs and having premarital sex and getting sexually transmitted diseases, and instead of standing around the christmas tree and wondering if santa brought them a present why don't we start telling them about how jesus christ died for them how he was born from a virgin named mary, how he was dead for three days and how he rose again. and how the only way they are going to have eternal life is through his blood. and if they accept him that they'll go to heaven. if we start telling our kids about that and maybe we won't have to worry about all this violence going on in the world and maybe we won't have to worry about all our problems as being parents and divorce, maybe we won't have to worry about anything. why don't we just tell them about jesus and it might solve some stuff!

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