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Yea wats up gurl?
Shit..i already told yo azz you know wat i mean im through fuckin with you
Yea..yea..yea..yea..i know..i know..i know
You sorry n this n that n all that you know its all gud dont even trip i aint sweatin it you know what i mean your thing gurl n ima do mine

Wats up lil bitch i know you want me bak i see you starin at pictures of all my old hoodrats
N i laugh that you neva knew i had it like that kickin bak with tha a top notch bitch on my lap it was funny tha way you like to play your lil games well tha stomps is a g so you can save it for them lames i didnt trip ova you bitch thats why you did wat you did but you could neva play tha playa cuz them tricks is for kids i tried to be a gud vato to a hyna like you but you could neva keep it true thats why i gave you tha boot now tell me why you actin shy wen i was spittin my game looked in my eyes n told me lies now this shit aint tha same i showed respect n neva left you when tha homies would call n when tha hoodrats tried to call disconnected them all but now you tripin on all tha things that haters say bout me they said i wasnt worth your time and i was tryna creep so you startin actin strange playin your stupid azz games said i wasnt worth your trouble n that i would neva change but i still gave you tha key to my heart and my soul but you would lie bout tha mutha fuckin places you go n so i tried to let you know how i was feelin bout you i kept it true n never triped on all tha things that you do but then it clicked up in my head that you were up to no gud cuz i would hear bout tha places you were seen in tha hood n wen i hit you up bout tha places you be you tried to hide tha truth instead of bein honest wit me thats wen i had bout enough of all tha drama n snap you wanna play me like a foo thats why yo azz got slaped now you on yo own gurl thats how i handle my shit now you wish you were bak home so i can give you this dick its all a joke now baby cuz im out on tha prowl i got hynas on my dick in every state n every town now i got it goin on with this gangsta rap n you still playin your games runnin around like a tramp you wanna come bak home to me cuz you neva had it so gud but its too late now gurl cuz i ma bak in tha hood im gettin paid getin laid n i dont eva trip i takin trips state to state got money to flip you tried to dis this baby now you miss this maybe you should try to keep it real instead of actin so shady..

Shady azz bitch..ha ha ha
You was a trip
Me n you use to have them talks
N you know i tell you how i was how i felt about you n you know you were tellin me how you was goin to change
N you know that you wanted to settle down n you know you glad you found a gud vato n whoop-ti-whoo ha ha
Yea you know it sounds gud girl but..
What happened? you know what i mean
Shit ha ha
Well its tha way things go you know what i mean
Easy come easy go you know what i mean
Out with tha old
In with tha motha fuckin new
N that's tha way i live bitch
So i aint gotta sweat just bout to forget you
Ha ha ha..ha ha
Well its bout time i let you go gurl