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The Senators

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Date de parution : 05/06/2012

Durée : 0:03:21

Style : Alternative

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Steal me away and set me in play
Cause life isnt made of waves of sound
Or lights flashing in frame
Scientists say, there is distance between the closest of things

But im chasing after you, and ill catch you
Ill catch in a butterfly net every step that you leave behind
Every step that you choose
Youre an easy kill

You looked miles away when my skin crashed into yours
And it seemed that the distance faded just for a second
Then i opened my eyes and realized:
All we are is light, reflected and bright
But ill catch you soon

Youre an easy kill, but im chasing after you
And ill catch you, ill catch in a butterfly net
Every step that you leave behind, every step that you choose
Youre an easy kill

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