Paroles de Easy rider (let the wind pay the way)

Iron Butterfly

pochette album Easy rider (let the wind pay the way)
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Date de parution : 12/06/2007

Durée : 0:03:06

Style : Rock

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Pegs of people line the street
A ball and chain around their feet
Waitin' for a weekend treat
But easy rider's got 'em all beat 'cause

Easy rider, he's a glider
(easy) freedom, every day
(rider) easy rider, easy glider
Lettin' the wind pay the way
(that's all he ever does)


Puts a rocket in his pocket
At the dawn of day
Needs a goodbye kiss in the mornin', mist
You know the man can't stay.



(who'm i talkin' 'bout)
Easy, easy, easy rider
Easy, easy, easy rider

Goin' easy, where you goin'
Gettin tired of being all alone
Oh, the roads are calling you
Back to where you belong
Oh, ride on!

Talkin' bout easy........

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