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Jack Davis And Crossbite

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Right or wrong, doesn't mean a damn thing, anymore
People die, it's a game, gotta even the score
Don't want to think, have a seat, turn on the tv,
Where you'll learn what to buy, who to hate, who to be

Glazed look in his eye says it all when he starts to preach
But tunnel hearing puts the truth way out of reach
Shop for pre-made beliefs, like we've all done for years
While god's greatest gift sits and rusts there between our ears

'cause we just don't want to know
We just don't want to know
We just don't want to know
We're taking the easy road

If you want to learn, sometimes being wrong is what it takes
But we'd set this place on fire, before admitting our mistakes
And as the world burns, all around, we continue to deny
Train the kids to conform, not to question, and to die

It's too hard to change, that's the excuse you always hear
It doesn't mean a better way, just one more person lost to fear
We can't escape anymore, from this crazy road we drive
Doing our best to kill the earth that keeps us alive

'cause we just don't want to know
No we just don't want to know
And we're about to lose our home,
Taking the easy r

Tough questions, they're the ones we need to ask ourselves
Take a good look in the mirror and stop blaming someone else
We love to divide ourselves, even rebels have a clique
Let's see ourselves as one people and for once, make it stick

'cause we just don't want to know,
We just don't want to know, we're taking the easy road
Easy road, easy road

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