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I'm in the furniture trade
Got a new job today
But stick the cretin
On the number-three lathe

Went down the town
To a hm club
The sign had a cross
Through a couple well-dressed
They looked at my coat
They looked at my hair
An easy rider coot
Grabbed the edge of my coat
Said: 'you're too smart for here'
I said: 'i'll see the manager'

he was the manager
Eat y'self fitter
up the stairs mister
Eat y'self fitter

Analytics have got
My type worked out
Analytics on me
The poison render
I grope about
And when i go out
My mind splits
My eyes doth hurt
The musical chairs
Have been swallowed up
By a cuddly group
Who land and rub off
Hoping that
Whatever it is
Will land and drop off

I met a hero of mine
I shook his hand
Got trapped in the door
Felt a fool, i tell ya

Charmed to meet ya
Eat y'self fitter
Up the stairs mister
Eat y'self fitter

Became a recluse
And bought a computer
Set it up in the home
Elusive big one
On the screen
Saw the holy ghost, i swear
On the screen

Where's the cursor?
Where's the eraser?
Where's the cursor?
Where's the eraser?

What's a computer?
Eat y'self fitter
What's a computer?
Eat y'self fitter

The kevin ayers scene
South of france
Plush velvet
Aback! aback!
Aback! aback!
Levis fridays
Greek holidays
Barratt heritance x 3

Mit-dem! x3
Don't wanna be a mit-dem! x4

Pick the fleas mister
Eat y'self fitter
Eat y'self fitter?
Eat y'self fitter

Who tells you what
To tape on your vid. chip
How do you know the progs you miss
Are worse than those you single out?
And what'll you do when the rental's up?
And your bottom rack is full of vids
Of programs you will nay look at
The way they act is, oh, sheer delight
Cardboard copyright
Make it right
Panic in sudan
Panic in wardour
Panic in granadaland
Panic all over
By the wretched timesheeters
Of my delight
One starry night
The powers that be will have to meet
And have no choice but to...

Eat each other
Eat y'self fitter
Eat each other?
Eat y'self fitter

(eat y'self fitter)

Portly and with good grace
The secret straight-back ogre entered
His brain aflame
With all the dreams
It had conjured x4

Don't wanna be a mid-dem x4

The centimeter square
Eat y'self fitter
Said it purged fear
Eat y'self fitter

(eat y'self fitter)

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