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I suffocate under the doctrine obliterating ecstasy. striving for a reason that has yet to be found. your intellect will get you nowhere when your foaming at the mouth. we've been cursed upon with arrogance and greed. spit to my face you know better that i deserve worse. i abandoned my loved ones a long time ago. there are rips, there are cracks in the fabric of space and time. you scream into a void of immeasurable depth. at the core echoes of neglected dreams. ones that willingly were taken away. ages wither the mind but keep intentions clear. clear for anyone, for anything. disperse the masses a breach has taken place. collect the carcasses and strip them. kill for necessity, just dont let them see your face.. you'll go down as one of them.
For this love, it seems to fail. this creation we must burn. tear away at your brother eternally.

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