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They said: "its time" to forget what was mine,
To throw the things i was holding on
They said: "now is not time to cry,
Now is time to repair what is done."

(what you have done?)

Try to think for a little while
But you dont used to and thats why you have a broken knee
Youd never believe me what i found
Try to think, try to be free!

Maybe you can meet the world
And it could bring you down
Try to walk across the dirt
And dont get stuck inside

(stuck inside)

Somewhere down in a cave
Every sound is diving there
There is an echo
Which is surviving

Its pleading to stay (2x)
Its pleading for one more day

The echo has a short life
Not longer than a knife
As it falls on the ground!

(i dont wanna be like that)

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