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Hoffsten Louise

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(larson / hoffsten)
The eagle had just arrived
On the twentieth of july
Ed wanted to check the view
How mother earth looked from the moon
Wave to panama
Smile to the camera
A hero for all mankind
But good old neil had something else in mind
He's got to be the hero
The favorite son
Count up from zero
To number one
Eddie bummer
Never got your name in neonlights
Eddie bummer
One step would change your whole life
What a blunder
Might as well be a hindu
Eddie bummer
Look what your karma did to you
Strange how the little things
Make a great big difference
A small step for humanity
Big one towards insanity
Who's last and who comes first
It is all set from one's birth
The winner takes it all, it's true
Cause who remembers number two?
He's got to be the hero
The favourite son
Count up from zero
To number one

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