Paroles de Eden garden love

Ashaala Shanae

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Date de parution : 20/11/2012

Durée : 0:04:34

Style : Christian & Gospel

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Verse 1:
Butterflies & apple blossoms,
Hearts painted in red.
Flowers blowing in the breeze,
And flying cradle beds.
A garden full of lilies, flowers,
Pretty little things.
Oh, please dont wake me
From my little eden garden dream.

Cause im a girl thats looking for that eden garden love.
Look at adam as he has that look upon his face,
To know that eves a part of him,
And hes apart of god.
Im just a girl looking for that eden garden love.

Verse 2:
One day, ill bask into a smile so heavenly,
Cause i know that god has custom made a priest for me.
And i will be his queen,
Once he presents me with a ring.
Oh, what a joy, what love, what happiness
And blessing it will bring.


Love is god and god is love,
And thats one thing thats true.
Oh, love is patient, love is kind,
And never, ever rude.
It never envies, always trusts,
When nothings left, love is enough.
So god keep me, till you find for me that love.

If youre just like me, then you're just a boy
Looking for that eden garden love.
There aint nothing wrong,
Aint nothing wrong looking for that eden garden love.

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