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Bob Lavalley

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Why you cryin' why you so blue
Give me reasons give me a clue
You've been playin' with the fire
So you're gonna get burned
So many other people waiting in line for a turn
Live and learn

If you are hurtin' you can come to me in person
'cause i'm good at making everything right
If you've got problems they won't bother you tomorrow
'cause we're knocking them clean out of sight
Rocking on the edge of the night

Love the children watching them grow
Day by day we practice letting them go
There's a simple explanation that you don't understand
That childhood really is the father to man
Here i am take my hand


When you're lonely i'll be around
When somebody else is letting you down
I'm the shoulder you can cry on
I'm the voice on the phone
Just so you'll know that you are never alone
Not for long here i come


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