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Solace And Stable

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When lost is hope and patience thin
Facing the void of comforts hand
Unknown is the means of conquering
Oprressive weight that we succumb

Breathe and place your hand
Upon your heart your sign of life

A gift we bear
In desperation
We compromise to ease the wound
Ease the wound

Side by side
You take the left i'll take the right

Side by side
Were taking back the gift of life

Fear not your times come
We are the chosen ones
Centuries of war
Ending by our swords

Fear not this valley shadowed by death
Coherent are the steps
That challenge foreboding peril

May your enemies last breathe
Beholden by your sheatheless weapon
Just the beginning
Many more will fall
With the same void of mercy they bestowed upon their victims
We must take a stand against the swarm of the formless
Take a stand unlike the others who ignored this
We were born for this
We were born for this

Close your eyes, imagine a world
That knows of no fear
No pain, and no death
Completely complete, lacking in none
This world is real, the key in your reach 2x

As the sun is covered by the darkest storm
We will shine through we will rise again

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