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Shannon Thomas

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Date de parution : 29/09/2006

Durée : 0:04:18

Style : Pop

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I tried to tell myself he got a good impression
I tried to make myself ask him one simple question
But i did not know how he felt, it wasn't easy
So i let him slip, i let him slip away

But did he know
Did he know, oh
Did he know that he was the only one i noticed

Did edward know i wanted him bad
I just couldn't show the feelings i had
Did edward see in me what i saw in him
'cause it was everything
It was everything

When summer came, i knew that it was surely over
We'd graduate and i wouldn't find a four leaf clover
And if he wanted me the same way that i wanted him
There was no, there was no indication

But did he know
Did he know, oh
Did he know that he was the boy i needed


Don't know why i couldn't tell him
Must've been way too afraid
Now he's gone, i'll never see him
I'll never say what i needed to say

When i noticed him looking in my direction
Was it just a figment of my imagination
I'd like to think the reason he never talked to me
Was a tragic case of the butterflies i couldn't see

Chorus (2x)

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