Paroles de Eff germany

Rucka Rucka Ali

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Date de parution : 17/03/2014

Durée : 0:02:54

Style : Comedy

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Bitch ass nigger

I dont like anyone in the fucking world,
First canada is a piece of shit,
And then mexico,

Cause i dont like the damn norwegians,
I dont like sweden,
Not a fan of the dirt poor assholes,
In the middle east.

For the africans i dont have the patience,
And there's to many kinds of asians,
But of all the different races
The worst is...

Fuck germany
Fuck germany
Fuck germany
Fuck germany

Bitch ass nigger

You know that hole in the ground,
We once calls england,
Its now called londonistan,
Full of indians

I dont like red china
Should be dead by now
I hate the continent of mexico
I mean south america

Been around the world,
I see some gay shit
Wish i could erase it
But the one gayest
Off all the places
Is...guess who

Fuck germany
Fuck germany
Fuck germany
Fuck germany

Always with the bagles
They'll steal your draidel
They're a bunch of dagos

(schwarzenegger part) are you?
I'm arnold the child of hitler
Dark black man is a schwarzenegger
Im from germany
My race is chosen
We march through the street
Dressed in lederhosen

Rubber baby
Buggy bumper
I break of your arm
Eat your torso for supper
Discard your carcass
And move on to the next
Like fünf
Im living between fear and sex

I did nazi that coming
Anne frankly i dont care
Lets play whos your daddy
And is he in jail
Who told you you can touch my cookies
Stop it!
They were baked in the oven
Like the jews

All the boys and girls think im the greatest
But have some patience
When im president of this filthy nation
I'll teach you to say

Fuck germany
Fuck germany
Fuck germany
Fuck germany

Bitch ass nigger

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