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Mac Miller

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(verse 1)
I've hung around with the best out
Smile with my chest out
Shit i've been stressed out, and thinking i'm depressed now
I just wanna go chill at kanye west's guest house
Bitch pull her breasts out i forget about my ex now
Feelin' fresh out, chillin' in a penthouse
Here for so long 'bout to start paying rent now
She used to cook me breakfast 'til i turned her to a pen pal
I'm at the grocery store, lost in the eggs aisle
10 point takedown, alabama shakedown
Used to rap without movement beautifully awake now
Think i ain't a superhero need to check my cape out
Dripped up and draped out
It's all good, you safe now

Be safe homie
In this life or the next life
I'ma see ya
So be safe homie, be safe homie
In this life and the next life
I'ma see ya

(verse 2)
And everything will be cooler
Maneuver away from evildoers
Gene hackman is captain no one can beat the hoosiers
See the future, no crystal ball that i'm starin' at
Ancient egypt pharaoh rap staring jack kerouac
I have a ton of cattle dung, this shit i sadly have become
Ashin' blunts until i'm only left with half a lung
Yeah i'm here, self-claimed deity
Cryin' during the lion king, that's just the g in me
Highly offensive and on both sides of the fences
Hence the confusion when i stare at my reflection
Man's duality, life and its formalities
We're born with the potential to leave as a casualty
I'm in the lab, suited up performing alchemy
Meditating til i'm levitating out my seat
It all started with a paypal
Dripped up and draped out
It's all good, you safe now


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