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Reign Of Lies

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I am the best, i fuck the rest
I am so good, i deserve better
All of you are just creepers, bring me the red carpet
I love me and myself so much
My friends love me, i love me more
Do you realize how great i am
All my life i tried to shine, dont you see my talent
Look at me now
Would you fuck yourself if you could
My ego
Hey, hey
Hey, hey
Look at my pix, look at my chicks
We look like stars, hey give me five
Do you like my new life style, my shoes and surgery
Oh my god, you are awesome
Please take this gift and press the trigger
You look really awesome now
Ridiculous, thats all you are
Dye the carpet with your own blood
Im gonna step on you, on my way to glory
Go fuck yourself now.

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