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Chase Coy

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Remember more than two years back
Its frighting how time could go by so fast
That you don't even notice when its gone.

There's something about ohio that i cant help but love
But sometimes the highway miles seem so long

So don't cry darling ill be there in the morning
But ya'know
That the worst part is always heading home

We spend so much time apart
I know sometimes its hard
But girl if there's one thing i'm sure of
Its us
Besides we have the small things
Like 8 dollar engagement rings
To keep us sane till you get on that bus

So don't cry darling you'll be here in the morning
But ya'know
The worst part is always heading home

One day well start a new life behind the glow of the pale city lights in an apartment of our own
It will be so perfect and well both know it was worth the wait
I can hardly wait for that day to come

So don't cry darling cuz one day every morning well both know
That the best part is always heading home

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