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A suitcase in the hall
One word, bye bye
All seasons look like fall
Many leafs, they will die

What is this monster
That tears us apart
Befriends my mind, and gently stones my civil heart
And i don't choose to be a castaway.

Independence in its prime,
I guess it's all about what we feel.
I've been in bigger a crime,
Loss or gain, it's all part of the deal.

A choise that hurts us,
Ever so fast.
Even when its timing is more than just.

And i surely don't need a replay.

Love often consumes itself quickly
It opens up, it ripes and it's fed
Much like the bees in search of delicate honey
A sting from time to time doesn't taste that bad

A word echoes throughout the hall
A cry, a slam, was i ever really there.
This adventure seems too small
Compared to my neighbour's suitcase affair

I'd kill his monster,
But what the hell for.
If i chop one head off, there'll be a hundred coming for more
And i don't choose to be in its way.

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