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Climbing a mountain all day long is somethin i like to do, so,

Youll find me hangin from a rope, the side of a cliff or hill,
I wont be home for supper, lunch or breakfast or snack, i will be
Climbing mountains, climbing mountains, climbing mountains,
All the time, you bet!
You dont know how it feels to swing like tarzan from peak to peak
I love this kind of stuff, so ill be gone for at least a week,
Im climbing mountains, climbing mountains, climbing mountains,
Evry day, you see;

So theres el capitan! the mountain that speaks to me at night,
It never has left my line of sight.
My dreams are now at hand,
Because i am goin to climb el capitan,(you dont believe me?)
Here i go, my friend! the mountain is calling me to climb
Ive never had feelings so sublime
Yes, here i go again! im really a fan of old el capitan! you bet, sir!

Gee, i think id like to climb the matterhorn today,
The matterhorn, some way, the matterhorn, hooray!
Oh, i think that i could even climb mount everest today
Mt. everest, the very best youve got, uh huh, uh huh!
Golly gee, id also like to climb mt. washington someday,
(mt. jeffersons ok) in oregon today,
And id like to climb the mountains of bolivia, ole!
But now id like to say, ive got the time, im in my prime,
So take me to a mountain i can climb!

Yes, ill climb up el capitan, because im some kind of macho man!
Please understand, its my master plan to put my brand (on) el capitan.
I just cant stand living in spokane where every man drives a minivan
So heres my plan: (dont you think its grand?) to get a tan (on) el capitan!
So come with me to afghanistan, where we can climb mountains hand in hand;
I understand youre a yankee fan, but my old man was charlie chan, man!

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