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Assembled from dead incompatible pieces; livid fragments regenerated.
Decomposing bits of organic matter, brought to life, revived.
A fluid, limbless, sickening shape, a faltering semi-floating cluster.
Its sole purpose of creation; to burst the imagination blood surge.

Defying the mould of human flesh. smashing the wall of beliefs.
A sight to bring insanity to all dimensional reality.

Carved from thoughts unthought into a graphic, visible delusion of life.
A twisted display of dehumanized features, by cells reflected, refracted.
A frantic dancing of particles, in pathetic attempt at rendering flesh;

Swirling to project the illusion of shape, form, dimension and mass.

(eyes not made for watching. thousand watt obsidian bulbs;
Reflective, obversed. the only view is the barren self)

A walking translucent entity. void, suspended. inviolate by rules, all standards of existence.
An electrified vapor-cloud. a skein of bone and tissue.
An atrocity, a liquid form unshaped to the organic norm.

A mind not filled with thoughts, but a random flickering static.
A soulless creature un-alive; i'm the un-human elastic.

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